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Arriving Q1 of 2023!

Want perfect hair without compromise?

Natural, top quality formulas free from sulfates, parabens, silicones & dyes.

90% less water usage. 80% less CO2 transport emissions. 0 single-use plastic.

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Natural & colour-safe

Our formulas are >99% natural, so there's

no need to worry about nasty

 irritation or colour degradation.

100% crap-free

Our formulas are completely free from sulfates, parabens, silicone & dyes,

leaving you with just the good stuff!

Amazing results

We're all about results, no gimmicks.

We use only the best ingredients, giving you shine, softness and volume for days.

Waterless technology

Our innovative anhydrous technology allows us to use 90% less water in production and 80% less CO2 transport emissions!

Vegan & cruelty-free


Zero Single-Use Plastic

Our powder refill sachets are made of fully recyclable paper and our gorgeous bottles are designed to be kept for life. 

As easy as 1 2 3

Powder, water, shake

Receive your starter kit containing:

- your keep-for-life bottles

- powder shampoo & conditioner

Pour the powder into your bottles and add water from the tap to the 'fill-to line'

Give the bottles a good shake and your liquid shampoo & conditioner are ready to use!

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sustainable haircare

The perfect formula

Organic surfactants derived from coconuts for optimal nourishment

Natural silicone alternative for anti-frizz properties without the side-effects

Avocado, macadamia & argan oil for amazing shine

Hydrolysed wheat protein for strength & health

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Want amazing hair without environmental compromise?

Join us on our journey and help change hair care for good. 

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